Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES18)

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Strategic Knowledge Partner

McKinsey & Co.

We are a global management consulting firm that serves a broad mix of private, public and social sector institutions. We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. With nearly a century of experience, we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this task.

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Signavio helps you transform your business through optimized processes & decisions. First, you can get a clear picture of your organization's operations using the Signavio Process Editor, our best-in-class process modeling solution. Once processes are modeled, it's easy to identify and eliminate inefficiencies that are slowing your enterprise down or leading to inconsistent behavior. Our new Process Intelligence solution then adds in big data analytics, giving you insight into how vital processes are actually performing. The collaborative, intuitive nature of all Signavio software enables you to leverage the expertise of all stakeholders to foster a true process culture. 

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Cicero Group

Cicero Group is a leading, data-driven strategy and change management firm. When leaders seek extraordinary, rapid improvements in their business, they turn to Cicero to inform, create, and implement strategies that deliver durable, top-line and bottom-line performance improvement. Cicero employs a host of data scientists and business strategists working together to create and implement data-driven, evidence-based strategies for companies across industries and spanning the globe.

Cicero has a strong reputation for being uniquely customer and culture centric, pragmatic, and implementation-oriented, strengthened by a strong internal culture focused on delivering impact and value well beyond the investment made.   

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Hitachi Consulting Group

Hitachi Consulting is the global solutions and professional services organization within Hitachi Ltd., a global innovation leader in industrial and information technology solutions and an early pioneer of the Internet of Things. Hitachi Consulting is a business integrator for the IoT era and a catalyst for digital transformation.

Using our deep domain knowledge, we collaborate with clients to help them innovate faster, maximize operational efficiency and realize measurable, sustainable business and societal value.  As a consulting-led solutions company, we can help you leverage data as a strategic asset to drive competitive differentiation, customer loyalty and growth. Visit

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The #1 partner for digital performance management. Deliver remarkable application experiences!

A new type of customer has emerged in the digital era and the need for organizations to deliver outstanding customer experience is now a top priority. Dynatrace understands the needs of the market and is dedicated to innovating ways of making your company succeed today and into the future.

Here are just a few of the advantages that separate us in the market:

  • 8,000 global customers
  • Support from some of the largest Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Consistent recognition as the leader in Application Performance Management
  • Our leadership role in pioneering “Digital Performance Management”

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Upland Software

The Leader in Enterprise Work Management

Upland’s enterprise work management cloud software enables every team in your organization to do their best work.

Whether it’s team collaboration, managing projects and costs, automating workflows or engaging prospects and customers, our enterprise work management cloud solutions address specific work needs and deliver powerful results.

To compete in today’s business environment, your people need to access, analyze and act on information in real-time and collaborate with team members around the globe.  With Upland, you get enterprise work management solutions that are purpose-built for the challenge at hand, not bloated suites or costly on-premise software.  And because our products are cloud-based and architected for performance, scalability and security, we keep your people connected and current – anytime, anywhere and from any device.

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A chance encounter between Lean Management and KAP IT’s Agile DNA in 2011 inspired us to create iObeya™ as the new way of working.

This enterprise management platform offers a unique, life-like and immersive user experience for a seamless transition from paper to Digital Visual Management. 

iObeya is a human-centric solution that virtualizes meeting rooms dedicated to the practice and rituals of Visual Management and all other forms of "post-it" meetings (Kanban, Task management, Problem solving, Project management, Ideation, etc…). 

It enables multi-site collaboration, reduces the need and high cost of dedicated meeting room space, and secures the confidential information displayed on walls, whilst respecting Lean and Agile Management rituals and principles. 

iObeya unlocks the power of Visual Management for organizations looking to truly deploy a Continuous Improvement culture throughout the enterprise.

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OpusWorks® (formerly The Quality Group) provides blended learning solutions for Operational Excellence (Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management, Leadership). We can help you improve and standardize OpEx knowledge transfer, propel sustainable culture change, and orchestrate increased ROI. 

OpusWorks® e-Modules engage and inspire adult learners. The OpusWorks® Learning Deployment Platform facilitates customization, enables blended learning (and execution) delivery, supports instructors, and assists deployment leaders.

OpusWorks® proudly serves corporate clients, government agencies, hospitals, and academic institutions. With OpusWorks’® superior content, game-changing platform, Master Champion Black Belt team, personal attention, and commitment to excellence, you will advance your deployment to a whole new level. 

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AlignOrg Solutions

AlignOrg Solutions aligns your business’s day-to-day operations with its overall strategy. 

As experts in organization design and management, our team of management specialists helps Fortune 500, nonprofit, and businesses big and small, identify the organization design choices and business models needed to bring about greater alignment within companies for true organization transformation.  Our management specialists help leaders from a wide variety of industries, clarify strategy, align their organization’s vision with performance, and build organization design roadmaps that actually work, all while effectively managing change.

At AlignOrg Solutions, we not only diagnose your organization’s stumbling blocks we transform them into appropriate building blocks—to get change off the ground—and move your business into a productive, sustained, period of performance and growth.

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Performance Solutions by Milliken

Performance Solutions by Milliken (PSbyM) brings a unique, Practitioner-based value proposition to its clients and has built an enviable record of helping companies achieve substantial and sustainable improvements in their operations and safety excellence efforts. This approach, built on the foundation of lessons learned while Milliken & Company created and implemented its own world-class performance system, helps client organizations engage and empower their associates by establishing a culture of continuous improvement and drive breakthrough operations impact. PSbyM currently serves companies in more than 100 operating locations in 28 countries across a wide range of industry sectors.

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MEGA International

MEGA International is a global software company that helps customers reduce time-to-market, eliminate information silos that divide business units, and improve the customer experience. Our HOPEX platform gives you clear visibility so you can understand the relationships throughout your company’s ecosystem, spot opportunities for strategic investments in digital technology, and tie strategy to a roadmap for execution.

Our mission is to make something that people need. Your job is to make smart investment decisions and we’re here to provide you with the transparency you need to be confident, informed, & ready at a moment’s notice.

Customers use MEGA’s enterprise architecture platform to support digital transformation and gain a stronger understanding of their organization’s strategy, investments, processes, risks, and IT landscape. We’re proud to have a portfolio of customers who have achieved a 300+% ROI. Together, let’s see how we can do even better for your business. Visit


i-nexus provides a SaaS solution that supports multiple strategy execution methodologies. If offers capabilities to define and cascade goals, plan and execute initiatives, and track achievement of outcomes, enabling organizations to continuously adjust the linkages between strategic and operational business outcomes. i-nexus helps:

Operational Excellence Leaders ensure their improvement investment is aligned with business goals and delivers financial and non-financial benefits;

Executives utilize Hoshin Planning to cascade business goals to actionable priorities with X-matrices and drive on-going review;

Business Transformation Leaders and EPMO align their strategic initiatives with business objectives, drive execution of strategic programs and track benefit realization.

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BPM-D® is an innovative and reliable business partner that enables organizations to increase performance and productivity through cross-functional business and information technology initiatives – fast and at low risk. We are THE experts in establishing and applying the Discipline of Business Process Management (BPM-Discipline) providing significant value through systematic strategy execution in a digital world. The business was established based on the years of experience of its co-founders in delivering components of this vision: strategy; governance; process improvement; modeling & repositories; next generation automation and change enablement to organizations, both for large and small organizations.

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Trisotech is a global leader in digital enterprise transformation solutions, offering innovative and easy-to-use software tools that allow customers to visualize, innovate, transform and improve their digital enterprise processes and business decisions. Trisotech customers use the Digital Enterprise Suite to provide new and revolutionary ways for their knowledge workers to collaborate and succeed in an increasingly global, connected and competitive world.

Combining concepts of simplicity, usability and collaboration in the cloud, Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite is a highly visual and interactive software suite that brings strategy, design and technology together providing your organization with insight for gaining competitive advantage.

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Track & Workshop Sponsors

Stratence Partners

Stratence Partners is a multi-disciplinary Consulting Services & Systems Solutions specializing in three Core Disciplines: Strategy Optimization, Commercial Effectiveness and Pricing Excellence (Pricing Excellence services are provided as a franchisee of Pricing Solutions, 1993, Toronto).
Fernando Ventureira (Since 1989, Alcatel, MCG, PWC, McKinsey), CEO of Stratence Partners, started his collaboration with Pricing Solutions in 2006, being Vice President Europe since 2010.

We Partner with People in the Organizations to Achieve Short-Term Tangible Results & Long-Term Sustainable Improvements, providing Consulting Services & Systems Solutions in Strategy Optimization, Commercial Effectiveness and Pricing Excellence.

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Intelligent Organizational Systems

We are a small group of professionals devoted to helping organizations become more mindful, collaborative and agile.

We do this by:

  • Providing models and methods for aligning meaning and propensities at the individual, team, leader and organizational levels to create agile, resilient, and sustainable organizations
  • Designing organizational structures that support spontaneous teaming, functionality and integration
  • Creating fit-for-purpose workforces to ensure the performance capacity of the organization
  • Aligning work activities and organizational outcomes through the development of process-based management systems that serve the needs of repeatability and adaptation.

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Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs®, and solving Accountability Gaps. With our network of experts around the world and #1 award-winning content, our firm has helped clients for nearly three decades achieve their mission by dramatically boosting employee engagement, inspiring innovation, improving cross-collaboration, developing accountable leaders, blending strategy with culture, and more. Partners In Leadership continues the legacy of pioneering Accountability Training, and innovating cultural transformation.”

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SolomonEdwards Group

SolomonEdwards is a national professional services firm focused on strategy execution.

By providing exceptional talent for complex situations, we deliver strategic expertise, apply proven project 
delivery models, and design custom solutions ― transitioning our clients' strategies into reality.

Whether launching new go-to-market strategies, improving operational efficiencies, implementing new technology, re-engineering business processes or changing leadership and/or culture, SolomonEdwards will collaborate with you to address your business’ unique challenges, aligning strategy execution initiatives with operations through our suite of business transformation offerings.

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Optimize Consulting, Inc.

Optimize Consulting, Inc. is a business management consulting firm, committed delivering improved excellence to your organization utilizing Optimize Strategic Excellence™. Federal and commercial clients have realized benefits of over $2 billion teaming up with Optimize.

The firm has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective organizational improvement solutions for our clients to include award-winning global efforts with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Optimize Consulting, Inc. was created due to the sub-optimization outcomes of many lean six sigma deployment efforts that have occurred throughout the years of its popularity. The firm created Optimize Strategic Excellence to insure the client gets its biggest bang for the buck for improvement efforts. Why just improve if you can optimize?

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Cohesive Solutions

Cohesive Solutions, is an enterprise asset management consultant and a systems integrator. A partner to both IBM and Esri, Cohesive takes a wholistic approach to all things related to asset management. We provide business transformation services that enable organizations to reach advanced ROIs. We also deliver an enterprise performance management solution, Propel.  Propel aligns performance goals and increases operational excellence. Since 1998 Cohesive Solutions has provided world class services to North American organizations in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, T&D and Utilities.

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Tom Sawyer Software

Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible graph and data visualization and analysis applications. These applications are used by enterprises, systems integrators, technology providers and government agencies to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse datasets.

Global 2000 customers use our platform to visualize and analyze social networks; network topologies and IT operations; architectures and models; schematics and maps; and dependencies, flows, and processes. We help organizations federate and integrate their data from multiple sources and build the graph and data visualization applications that are critical to gaining insight and driving operational excellence.

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The Dr. Mikel J. Harry Six Sigma Management Institute

The Dr. Mikel J. Harry Six Sigma Management Institute specializes in profit optimization for mid-size and large-scale companies. The business mission of SSMI® is eloquently simple – maximize the velocity of value creation for our client's; and do so in a way that is highly repeatable, sustainable, accountable, verifiable, teachable, and affordable.

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