Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES18)

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- March 2018


Orlando, FL
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How to Enter the 2018 Global Head and Business Unit President Awards

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards are open to all organizations, both private and public sector, across the globe, which have implemented Operational Excellence programs to deliver outstanding business results and business transformations.

Key Dates: 

May 21, 2018: Awards Entries Open

September 28, 2018: Early bird Entry Deadline

November 30, 2018: All Awards Entries close

January 21, 2019: Awards Shortlist & CEO of the Year Announced

March 20, 2019: Awards Ceremony & Winners Announced

The Awards will be held in conjunction with the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit on March 20, 2019  in the Tuscan Grand Ballroom at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando™ Orlando, Fl.

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The Global Head and Outstanding Leader Awards

These Awards will be given to the person who has lead the organizations through successful Operational Excellence deployments and delivered the most outstanding results for their organization.

The scoring and criteria are the same for each award:

  • Enterprise Global Head of Operational Excellence of the Year Award
  • Operational Excellence Outstanding Leader of the Year Award

Main Entry Document 

The main entry document must contain a 250-word synopsis at the beginning of the document and be no longer that four pages of A4. It should outline the following information on the individual’s performance:

  • Career History to-date
  • Strategic objectives of the Deployment Challenge
  • Scope of the Deployment Challenge
    • number of business divisions in which deployment is a mandate
    • deployment geographical coverage
    • the penetration of the Operational Excellence deployment across the organization
  • Organizational Impact of the Deployment Challenge
    • the extent of cultural change and people development levels
  • Business Results of the Deployment Challenge
    • All results must be shown in percentage terms, not absolute values. Where this is not appropriate, raw data will be accepted. There should be evidence of financial business results – earnings/ sales revenues/margins but the judges will also take into account the strategic relevance of the results achieved.

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Supporting Materials

Entrants may supply supporting materials to provide further insight to the Operational Excellence deployment. These materials must be no longer than two pages of A4 and should only contain sample material.


Criteria for the Judging Panel

The judges will consider the following criteria when grading all entries for this category:

  1. Quality of Leadership: the effectiveness of the leadership role provided by the deployment leader
  2. Value Generation: how significant to the organization was the value generated from the Operational Excellence deployment
  3. Implementation: the quality of the implementation process in the deployment
  4. Organizational Learning: how did the organization develop as a result of the Operational Excellence deployment
  5. Strategic Relevance: how does the Operational Excellence deployment fit in with the organization’s strategic objectives


The Scoring Matrix is as follows:



Quality of Leadership


Score 1-3 - No strong evidence of effective leadership role by deployment leader


Score 4-6 - Entry shows the deployment leader was reasonably effective in their leadership role


Score 7-10- Evident that the deployment leader was significantly effective in their leadership role

Value Generation


Score 1-3 - Results not that impressive


Score 4-6 - Results fairly impressive


Score 7-10 Results very to exceedingly Impressive

Organizational Learning


Score 1-3  - No clear signs of organizational development through Operational Excellence


Score 4-6 - Entry shows reasonable levels of organziational development through Operational Excellence


Score 7-10 - Evident that there has been significant organizational development though Operational Excellence



Score 1-3 - Implementation process is not impressive


Score 4-6 - Implementation process is to a reasonable standard


Score 7-10 - Implementation process is of an impressive standard

Strategic Relevance


Score 1-3 - Operational Excellence does not factor strongly within the organizational strategy


Score 4-6 - Operational Excellence plays a reasonable role within organizational strategy


Score 7-10 - Operational Excellence has a key role within the organizational strategy

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Best Practises for your Main Entry Document

The main entry document must contain a 250-word synopsis at the beginning of the document and be no longer that four pages of A4


Read the guidelines thoroughly

Ensure you are following the guidelines specifically based on the category you are applying for – don’t have any information gaps where you could lose points – remember your entry will work it way through the ranks on its score. It’s absolutely crucial that you pay strict attention to detail here, as there are subtle differences that can easily be overlooked. 

Enlist the help of your Comms Department

It is so obvious when a good, trained writer has helped to put the entry together  - judges love to read well-written entries, and in many cases, a well-written entry is more likely to win as it drives interest, and reads easily. 

View your Entry as a 10 minute pitch opportunity or case study

You have to impress the judges, and you will probably at the outset get 10 or so minutes of their attention - If you impress them, then they will give you more time as they consider how to score your entry, and be more considerate on their scoring – that’s human nature! Impress them, and they will fight your corner when it comes to debating the winners.

Keep it concise and relevant

Even if you are left with a free quarter page after all the key information has been supplied, don’t be tempted to fill the space with irrevelant information. Many awards wins come from entries with word counts well below the requirement. Blank space on a space can be very attractive to a judge working through dozens of applications! 

Let the results do the talking

This awards program is about results – cost reductions, sales growth, productivity improvement, etc, etc – give us the facts. Litter your entries with facts, clear charts, and a clean presentation, and you are bound to do so much better for it.

Get a colleague to proof-read 

Make sure that your entry makes good sense to an external reader, which is what the judges will be. An employee may not tell you exactly like it is, and you need someone slightly removed to ensure this is the case. This will de-internalise your document, and make sure that it makes sense!

A clear structure

Ensure your document is clearly laid out for the judges to make short work of your case study - make images clear and informative, try to avoid rambling, keep the facts at the forefront. Ensure the document is neat, and the writing flows easily - no text boxes all over the place!

Information on Entering

How To Enter

Entries must be submitted through the online entry form.


Entry Deadline

The early bird deadline is 11.59pm (PST) on Friday, September 28, 2018.
The late deadline is 11.59pm (PST) on Friday, November 30, 2018.


Price of Entry

$195.00 if received before Friday, September 28, 2018.

$295 if received before  Friday, November 30, 2018.


Awards Presentation 

The winning Awards will be presented at The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards Gala Event on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards Book

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards Book will feature all the Award winners in each of the categories. It will provide insightful case-study materials, which the winning organizations have achieved through the application of Operational Excellence methodologies.  The Awards Book will be published shortly after the awards program. 

Previous Winning Case Studies

This awards program started back in 2006, as The Global Six Sigma Awards and took place in conjunction with the Global Lean Six Sigma and Business Improvement Summit, and quickly became the industry’s most prestigious program. This was not only due to its size, but importantly due to the two-step scoring & judging ratification process, a strict policy to avoid no conflicts of interest, and a confidentiality agreement that judges sign-up to, which still exists in today awards.

BTOES has taken over this elite awards program and has taken it into the new age of Operational Excellence focused not just on Lean Six Sigma and incremental improvements at the operational level, but also strongly aligned with strategy execution, value creation, customer experience, and business transformation to create the future.

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