Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES18)

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- March 2018


Orlando, FL
Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

How To Enter The 2018 Project Awards

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards are open to all organizations, both private and public sector, across the globe, which have implemented Operational Excellence programs to deliver outstanding business results and business transformations.

Key Dates: 

May 21, 2018: Awards Entries Open

September 28, 2018: Early bird Entry Deadline

November 30, 2018: All Awards Entries close

January 21, 2019: Awards Shortlist & CEO of the Year Announced

March 20, 2019: Awards Ceremony & Winners Announced

The Awards will be held in conjunction with the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit on March 20, 2019  in the Tuscan Grand Ballroom at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando™ Orlando, Fl.

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There are 12 Project Awards Categories

  • Best Achievement in Cultural Transformation & Sustainability to deliver a high performing Enterprise Excellence culture.
  • Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver an outstanding Business Expansion and Revenue Growth.
  • Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver an outstanding Customer Experience Excellence.
  • Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation
  • Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Digital Transformation
  • Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver an outstanding Value Creation or Innovation Execution project
  • Best Achievement in Technology Enabled Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Cognitive Learning, Blockchain etc)
  • Best Achievement in Data Analytics enabling Operational Excellence
  • Best Achievement in Visual Management
  • Best Achievement in Cloud Infrastructure enabling Operational Excellence
  • Best Achievement in Virtual Reality to drive Operational Excellence programs
  • Best Operational Excellence project under 90 days


Entry Guidelines & Rules

Entries to the business process excellence categories of The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards should be for one Operational Excellence project. 

Entries will be required to complete the online entry form outlining the information about the project.

Multiple projects can be entered, but each project can only be entered once. 

Main Entry Document

The main entry document must contain a 250-word synopsis at the beginning of the document and be no longer than four pages of A4. It should outline the following information on the Operational Excellence activity:

The Main Entry Document is your pitch – so your entry should all be in this one document. 

The 250-word synopsis – is a judges’ aid – it allows them to get a summary understanding of your entry and is a useful tool for you to guide them to the key components (i.e. significant results) within your entry. 

These guidelines are your aid to stay focused and to the point. The reason we keep it to four pages is to keep it relevant. Judges do not want to read excessive descriptions; they want a succinct entry and the key facts.

Below is the information required, this is how you will be scored – i.e. this is what the judging are looking for. So it is important to ensure that your four-page main entry document is covering all the information required. 

  • The strategic objectives and scope of the Operational Excellence project - Ensure you link this to the organizational strategy, to show strategic relevance. 
  • The Operational Excellence project implementation process and timeline
  • The size of the project challenge, use of creative tools, and any organizational development. 
  • The impact of the Operational Excellence project - Detail the customer benefit and/or value generation.
  • The business results of Operational Excellence project
    • All results must be shown in percentage terms, not absolute values. Where this is not appropriate, raw data will be accepted. There should be evidence of financial business results – earnings/ sales revenues/margins but the judges will also take into account the strategic relevance of the results achieved and the value generation. 


Supporting Materials

Entrants may supply supporting materials to provide further insight to the Operational Excellence deployment. These materials must be no longer than two pages of A4 and should only contain sample material from the deployment. Typically they may include examples of internal documentation, organograms, internal and expert reports.

Entries do not need to have supporting materials but if you do include them do cross reference them within your main entry document so that the judges are actively encouraged to read them.

We used to allow more pagination for supporting materials but the judges found that generally there was too much material supplied that was not directly pertinent to the entry and thus were less than enthusiastic about reading through it.

Support documents can be supplied in confidence, please mark this on the supporting document, and they will be destroyed after view. 


The results of the Operational Excellence deployment must be accompanied by verification from the divisional financial controller or equivalent position.

Criteria for the Judging Panel

The judges will consider the following criteria when grading all entries:

  1. Strategic Relevance: how does the Operational Excellence project fit in with the organization’s strategic objectives
  2. Value Generation: how significant to the organization was the value generated from the business excellence project
  3. Customer Benefit: the beneficial impact of the project results on customers
  4. Implementation: the quality of the implementation process
  5. Leadership Engagement: the level of senior management involvement and
  6. Organizational Learning: how did the organization develop as a result of the business excellence project.  
  7. Creative Use of Tools: how innovative was the project deployment


The Scoring Matrix is as follows:

Strategic Relevance


Score 1-3 - Operational Excellence does not factor strongly within the organizational strategy


Score 4-6 - Operational Excellence plays a reasonable role within organizational strategy


Score 7-10 - Operational Excellence has a key role within the organizational strategy

Value Generation


Score 1-3 - Results not that impressive


Score 4-6 - Results fairly impressive


Score 7-10 Results very to exceedingly Impressive

Customer Benefit


Score 1-3 - No strong evidence of customer benefit


Score 4-6 - Entry shows reasonable level of customer benefit


Score 7-10- Evident that there has been significant customer benefit



Score 1-3 - Implementation process is not impressive


Score 4-6 - Implementation process is to a reasonable standard


Score 7-10 - Implemenation process is of an impressive standard

Organizational Learning


Score 1-3  - No clear signs of organizational development through Operational Excellence


Score 4-6 - Entry shows reasonable levels of organziational development through Operational Excellence


Score 7-10 - Evident that there has been significant organizational development though Operational Excellence

Creative Use of Tools


Score 1-3 - Project deployment shows little or no evidence of being innovative


Score 4-6 - Project deployment shows reasonable evidence of being innovative


Score 7-10 - Project deployment shows significant evidence of being innovative


Eligibility Period

Entries must be for work that was carried out in the main during the period 2016-2018. It is not necessary that the project has been started or fully completed during this period.