Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES18)

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- March 2018


Orlando, FL
Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

Key Topics by Theme

Digital Transformation

  • Current disruptive technologies: how can they be leveraged across and implemented within different businesses and industries?
  • Digital revolution: understanding what it means for your sector, analysing pros and cons
  • Transformation to Robotic Welding
  • Digital transformation and OPEX: business transformation merging with new technologies
  • New technologies and best tools to use
  • The wealth of innovation in automation and the impact of automation on operational excellence

Culture Transformation

  • Case Study: State Street Corporation’s operational excellence Story: Building a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Creating a culture of quality and performance excellence
  • Merging traditional operational excellence with business innovation: a journey from OPEX to upstream business transformation to business innovation
  • Training and mentoring: how to ensure employees engagement in the transformation and true culture change
  • Cultural transformations in large enterprises: Changing organizational culture & leading organizational transformation towards the culture of innovation
  • Change management and culture of change: the journey. National and international case studies


  • Inspiration and leadership from within: the effective steps of securing management buy in
  • Innovation as a driver of leadership culture change
  • Leadership and innovation: what does the leader of the future look like?
  • Changing leadership mindset and adopting lean behaviour at senior level


  • New level-playing field: the impact of innovative companies on industries and markets
  • Bringing innovation, improvement & ideas to life
  • Innovation at different levels of maturity. How to bring the innovation mentality into the company? 
  • Innovation in traditional, mature industries: does being innovate within your parameters work?
  • Adopting and deploying start-up mentality


Business Transformation

  • Business improvement - continuous improvement, never be complacent: how to stay ahead?
  • Transformative Thinking
  • New way of doing business transformation and process improvements: moving away from Lean and Six Sigma and going towards new way of forward thinking
  • Business transformation success stories - how and why organisations transformed
  • Examples of tailored applications of industry standard approaches to transform businesses for more effective organic growth

Operational Excellence

  • How to rebound an organization from a failed OPEX launch?
  • Using local experiments to solve Enterprise level problems”
  • Fast-track Business Performance: The Step-by-Step Process and Real World Application of OpEx
  • Innovation driven operational excellence: the pros and cons of transforming ongoing business operation
  • How to manage operational excellence initiatives?
  • Rebranding Operational Excellence: tools, time and money
  • Synergies between BPM, OPEX and Management Systems
  • OPEX and intricacy of the modern-day team management
  • Growth mode companies: when to make operational excellence a key initiative



  • Lean and Six Sigma now and what the tools of the future are? The new ways to look at operational excellence
  • Lean Six Sigma deployment strategy and success stories
  • Financial aspects of lean. Lean Financial and Data analysis
  • Leadership, cultural change and progress seen through LEAN


  • Keeping your strategy clear and understanding the company's end goal. One-time success vs. a profitable and sustainable business 
  • Strategic alignment: transforming an organisation from the inside out
  • Best practices of merging business strategy and business transformation: how to move to the next level of evolution
  • Renewing and rebranding terms and strategy to meet the demands of new fast paced environment and processes
  • Setting out on a new OPEX project? How to keep clear scope, targets and goals

Customer Experience

  • Prioritize Opportunities with “Customer-Back” Value Propositions
  • Customer Experience Excellence: How OPEX can help to improve customer satisfaction
  • Customer and culture match as a guarantee of positive customer experience and a key to strong successful strategy
  • Customer engagement and quantification of the effects of lean on it
  • Internet of Things (IoT): understanding its applications and benefits

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