Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES18)

The Largest Premier Gathering of Leadership-Level Industry Leaders & Senior-Executives. The Best Audience. The Most Engaging Event.

Reasons to Attend

Why should you attend BTOES18?

  • ENGAGE with Global Continuous Improvement Leaders viewing traditional Operational Excellence Culture with an eye to the future, solving real life OpEx  challenges, through Roundtable discussions, panel sessions, and workshops designed to give you more direct contact with the speaker.
  • DISCOVER how to align your traditional Operational Excellence methodologies with Digital Transformation and Business Innovation through our dedicated tracks.
  • EXPERIENCE others’ Operational Excellence successes and failures, when industry leaders present real-life case studies on how they achieved their goals.
  • RECEIVE real, practical guidance on utilizing Operational Excellence to create top line growth, with a holistic view from Strategy to Execution and Implementation of RPA and CI
  • GAIN the skills and perspective necessary to fully encourage leadership understanding and buy-in for your Operational Excellence team, with our dedicated Leadership track sessions including proven techniques to guarantee buy-in.
  • LEARN how to transform your Operational Excellence team to think strategically, using Operational Excellence to fuel, execute and manage value creation projects.
  • TAKE HOME the skills to implement, and sustain a culture of Operational Excellence within your organization, to help your organization sustainably embrace and embed Operational Excellence at every level.

Why is BTOES18 so Unique?

  • The ONLY event to build its agenda through 6 months of painstaking primary research. This ensures our agenda is weighted precisely to the key challenges and future trends the industry is facing right now.
  • The ONLY event to have a dedicated track focused on succeeding in Digital Transformation.
  • The ONLY event to have 60+ fresh, cutting-edge speakers that are not on any other agenda, and many that have never spoken before, sharing their case studies for the first time. This is down to our in-depth research stage, unrivalled by any other OpEx event. 
  • The ONLY event to have no sales pitches in the agenda. Our event is full of the most progressive leadership-level practitioners, where their presentations are carefully vetted to focus on the how to, what to. Sales pitches are strictly forbidden.
  • The ONLY event filled with 95+ Practical How-To Case Studies, to take home and apply straight away to your organization.
  • The ONLY event looking at end-to-end transformation delivered by Operational Excellence to achieve business excellence throughout the organization. 
  • The ONLY event to truly focus on the future of Operational Excellence. Businesses are going through a number of disruptive trends, where the demands of the organization are rapidly changing. This event will show you how progressive leaders are using Operational Excellence as the backbone, the discipline, the framework of strategy development & execution, innovation execution, customer experience and business transformation. 
  • The ONLY event to have a dedicated track to address the Leadership issues of achieving system-wide, sustainable, end-to-end culture and business transformation.
  • The ONLY event to go into the right level of depth, sessions and weighting within each track, where some tracks are effectively a stand-alone conference. e.g. Over 8 sessions dedicated to achieving Operational Excellence and 5 on Digital Transformation. No other event goes into this level of depth on each key theme.
  • The ONLY event on the market to bring together the whole Business Transformation & Operational Excellence ecosystem with more key best-in-breed organizations in more key industries, so you can take ideas from the very best.

Any Questions about BTOES18?

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